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7000 series

The 7000 series of Penske Racing Shocks features inexpensive entry level dampers whilst still offering the latest Penske damping technologies. Whilst the amount of external adjustment is limited the dampers can be built with the full range of Penske pistons allowing virtually any graph to be achieved - they can also be tailored so that the adjustment is adjusting the area of the damper curve that the user requires - compression only, rebound only or both compression and rebound combined. Our piston builds can also tailor whether overall damping levels adjust or mainly the low speed levels. There are also various headvalve options which now allows the 7500 to be offered as an in-line double adjustable unit.


  • 7000 Series Hydraulic Tracking Car Damper
    The 7000 series damper damps oscillation under acceleration and deceleration and is available for most oval dirt and asphalt cars.
  • 7100 Series Steel Body Car Damper
    The 7100 series damper is an owner rebuildable and revalveable and assembled to customer specifications.
  • 7300 Series Car Damper
    The 7300 series damper is the damper of choice in all levels of professional stock car racing from NASCAR Winston Cup to the Goodies Dash Series.
  • 7500 Series Car Damper
    The 7500 series damper is a quality, inexpensive damper that is quite universal in configurations and the type of applications in which it can be utilised.
  • 7600 Series Car Damper
    The 7600 series damper is ideal for the less advanced racer. It gives you the performance advantage of Penske Dampers, whilst keeping the adjustment simple and effective.

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