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2 way adjustable motorcycle damper

2 Way Adjustable Motorcycle Damper

From £650.00+VAT

Browse our motorcycle damper application list to buy the right damper for your bike.

2 Way Adjustable Motorcycle Damper

The 2 way adjustable motorcycle dampers are available for many popular applications:

Honda - Kawasaki - Suzuki - Yamaha - Triumph - Buell - Ducati - Aprilia

Please refer to application list for specific models and years.

Motorcycle Damper - 8983 Series

This 2 way adjustable Motorcycle damper, utilises the 8300 series adjuster. Using that specific damper series offers a wide range of compression adjustment for the serious racer.

The method in which the Penske 8300 damper adjusts compression forces is simple. When the damper is put into a compression condition, the fluid being displaced by the shaft entering the body must pass through the compression adjuster drum and the selected orifice located in the remote reservoir.

As the knob is rotated, a drum inside the compression adjuster is rotated, aligning the chosen orifice within the direct flow of oil into the remote reservoir. The adjustment knob is numbered from one to six. By clicking to the number one position, the adjuster is set at full soft (utilising the largest hole in the adjuster drum). The number six position on the knob denotes a full hard setting (oil flow is greatly restricted).

The orifices make every adjustment have a noticeable "feel" and have increased the range of adjustment. At higher shaft velocities, oil passing through the orifice in the compression adjuster drum reaches a maximum flow rate because of the viscosity of the oil and the hole diameter. At this point any additional oil flow is metered through a blow off valve which bypasses the drum completely to ensure a linear adjustment range.



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