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SuperMoto Motorcycle Damper Supermoto suspension tuning, until now, has been ruled by compromise. In this multi-faceted form of racing including road sections, dirt sections and motocross style jumps, suspension tuners have been forced to compromise toward either motocross, or road racing settings to suit rider preference. Either direction has involved less than optimal tuning characteristics at some point on the racetrack. The Penske Supermoto motorcycle damper has been developed over the past year in Pro and Amateur racing, providing a no-compromise suspension setup for this challenging form of racing.

The Supermoto series damper comes standard with Penske's Velocity Dependant Piston (VDP), giving Penske riders the benefits of both motocross and roadrace setups without the negative compromise of each. Firm linear low speed damping provides a stable "roadrace" style platform for road sections. A stable platform allows for consistent corner entries, early throttle application, and better drive out of corners. When transitioning to dirt sections, a typical firm "roadrace" setup will lose traction and leave the rider with a numb, harsh feel. The VDP provides a digressive damping curve in these areas to eliminate harshness and inspire rider confidence. Finally, to provide bottoming resistance when ;landing motocross style jumps, the VDP damping increases progressively at higher velocities. This three-stage damping setup instills the confidence necessary to attack all portions of the racetrack without compromise.

The Supermoto motorcycle damper comes standard with a 1" rear ride height reduction from OEM ride height. In addition, our ride height adjuster, which has proven so valuable on our roadracing shocks, had been built in to allow for up to 1.25" of adjustment at the rear wheel without removing the shock from the bike, or changing spring preload! This proves to be extremely valuable in finding that handling "sweet spot" that is different at every track.

The Supermoto series damper offers desirable features that are not available on typical "re-worked" stock suspension. Damping is triple adjustable, offering high and low speed compression adjustment as well as a single rebound adjuster. The Penske Supermoto damper is up to 2 ½ pounds lighter than OEM dampers that it replaces. Further weight savings of up to 5 ½ pounds can be achieved with an optional Titanium spring.

Delivering a no-compromise setup and unmatched adjustability in a high quality package, the Penske Supermoto Motorcycle Damper is the ultimate in suspension available for Supermoto today.


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