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Damper maintenance and servicing

Damper Maintenance and Servicing

Order our damper maintenance and servicing package today! Click to Order! £130.00 per damper + additional cost for damaged parts - ORDER TODAY!

Just like most race car parts, a damper's internals are a consumable item and need to be replaced at regular intervals to maintain its long-term life and maximise its performance.
Although we use the best quality oil available to minimise the effects of wear, it still degrades with increased usage, so regular oil changes are required.
The oil seals and O-rings too are of the highest quality but should be replaced with the oil along with the main piston shims, which also lose performance with fatigue and wear.

The oil and valving shims are the fundamental requirements for the creation of damping forces/ resistance and are constantly being cycled with every damper movement. Often, the result of this wear is shown up as having to increase the dampers adjustments as the season progresses.

The importance of damper maintenance and servicing is critical and to get the best
performance out of your damper receiving regular check ups is a must. Listed below is
exactly what the damper maintenance and servicing includes:

  • Complete strip, thorough clean, and inspection for damage of the dampers main components
  • Replacement of main piston valving shims and Compression adjuster Shims
  • Complete oil change
  • Replacement of all O-rings and oil seals
  • Fresh Nitrogen gas Change

The damper is then put through our dyno testing to check for correct operation of the damper, its characteristics, all adjusters, and matching 2 or more dampers.

Don't wait! Request your damper maintenance servicing and dyno testing today. Either call us directly on +44 01827 300150 or just fill in our form below and we'll contact you with the next step (sending dampers for maintenance and dyno testing).

DAMPER MAINTENANCE AND SERVICING - £130.00 (inc. seals, shims, oil and labour)
Complete damper service including a complete oil change, replacement of all o-rings and seals, a thorough inspection of all the adjusters and a dyno check.


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