7120 Series Formula Vee

The 7120 Series shock is the latest Formula Vee offering from Penske Racing Shocks. Simplified design, advanced coatings and materials, and high-quality damping components provide for a consistent and reliable shock with unlimited tuning options. The 7120 is a high-performance alternative to other Formula Vee shocks on the market for teams looking to have a competitive advantage. 

  • Non Adjustable – Fixed Bleed Jet
  • Single Adjustable – Rebound, Compression, or Open Bleed Bypass
  • Variety of Lengths
  • Small Diameter for Low Drag
  • Easy to Adjust Droop Length
  • Lightweight
  • Hard Anodized
  • Chrome Plated Shaft
  • Roller Burnished Shock Bores
  • Custom-Valved for Driver Feel or Chassis Set-Up

Penske 7120 Formula Vee