Parts & Servicing

Just like most race car/bike parts, a damper's internals are a consumable item and need to be maintained at regular intervals to maximise its performance.  Although we use the best quality oil available to minimise the effects of wear, it still degrades with increased usage, so regular oil changes are required. The oil seals and O-rings too are of the highest quality but should be replaced with the oil along with the main piston shims, which also lose performance with fatigue and wear.

Penske Parts

Damper Maintenance and Servicing

Components fatigue and ware especially in high stress motorsport applications. To ensure your suspension keep its highest level of performance, fresh oil, seals and shim all part of our services is required. 


  • Please clean any shocks before sending them in to be serviced. We reserve the right to charge £15.00 per damper to clean prior to the service.
  • If you require only the dampers servicing, please remove the springs. This will reduce the weight and save on postage costs. 

Basic Service £100 excl. VAT per damper

  • Replacement of shaft bearing seals 
  • Component inspection 
  • Fresh Nitrogen gas Change
  • Complete oil change
  • Dyno check
  • Performance graphs printouts


Full Service £169.99 excl. VAT per damper

Full Service is ideal at the beginning of a race season and at the mid-season break to ensure maximum competitive performance. A guide for those not competing in a race series would be after 30 hours of track time or yearly. 
  • Complete strip down, thoroughly clean, and inspection for damage of the dampers components
  • Replacement of main piston valving shims and Compression adjuster Shims
  • Complete oil change
  • Replacement of all O-rings and oil seals
  • Fresh Nitrogen gas Change
  • Dyno check
  • Performance graphs printouts


Damper Re-valve £80.00 excl. VAT per damper

Damper re-valve enables performance to be maximized for your application, it is the necessary progression of performance, vehicle development, weight reduction, set up or even a changing track are factors that could require your suspension to be re-valved. Driver/Riders style and preferences is an additional factor especially in changing vehicle. Key advantage of a re-valve is they tuning the damper using the dyno to result in the optimum damper for your speciation. 

  • Valving development time
  • Dyno checks
  • New Shims 
  • Performance graphs printouts 


Matching a Pair of Dampers £80 excl. VAT

Unforeseen circumstances could lead you to have a mismatch pair of dampers or you require a second set for spares during the race weekend. This is an assured way to match performance between dampers.

  • Dyno checks
  • New Shims 
  • Performance graphs printouts  


Dyno Testing

Dyno testing your damper will provide the ability to validate performance, check adjustment range and operation and fault diagnosis on damage components and leaks. After testing you will be provided with results graphs and printout. 

  •  £35 per damper excl. VAT 


Trackside Test Support & Mobile Engineering

Whether you're a novice racer, engineer or a race team trying to find the last tenth of a second with the 'ultimate' damper set up. We offer a mobile trackside support service. 

Testing can be limited and expensive. By utilizing our trackside test support service to remove the guesswork from your damper setup. Ultimately cutting damper testing time considerably, you can dedicate more time towards other areas of the car's development. With our extensive experience to draw from and unrivalled product knowledge, our engineers are available to assist you in the development of your race car or motorcycle.

The track support mobile workshop service comes complete with a fully equipped service vehicle including extensive spares, re-valving damper serves satiation, experienced technician/consultant and importantly a damper dynamometer test rig. Important because it gives the capacity to fully understand and accurately read the damper characteristics in a matter of minutes. It's the most accurate form of diagnosis, regarding suspected shock faults that may occur.

Test support and mobile engineering day typically includes;

  • Advice and consultation
  • Unlimited re-valves & services 
  • Unlimited dynamometer use
  • Damper consultancy
  • Piston changes, (from our complete range)
  • Full de-brief, and recommendations
  • Full day £600 excl. VAT and 60p per mile travel charge. 
  • Per hour £160 excl. VAT and 60p per mile travel charge. 

This service is available weekdays and some weekends, at the location of your choice, (circuit or 4/7 post rig test).