Shopping Information


When placing your order, it is best to offer as much information as possible to our technical personnel. For increased efficiency, please inspect the dimensions available for the damper you require and advise us on these particulars.

Our Personnel will need to know the following information:

  • Type of racing
  • Type of car or motorcycle (include year)
  • Racing Track(s)
  • Spring rates
  • Motion ratios
  • Any information about the shocks you currently use
  • Details about the vehicles current handling.

Orders may be sent by fax, phone, or email to Penske Racing Shocks UK. Alternatively, contact your local dealer details are available by viewing our links page.


Payment MUST be received in full before any goods may be dispatched, picked up, or returned. You may pay by:

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer (please contact us for our bank details)
  • PayPal

NOTE: Bank transfers must show up in our account as complete before goods may be despatched.

  • Cheques

NOTE: Cheques must be fully cleared, with money in our account, before goods may be despatched.


Standard Shipments within the UK are transported by Business Post on their next day service (£12.50 for consignments less than 10kg)

  • If you require special shipping requirements we can also provide at extra cost:
  • 9:00 AM delivery
  • 12:00 PM delivery
  • Saturday delivery

Please specify these features when ordering.

We can arrange and quote on international shipments. Alternatively, if you have an account with one of the major shipping companies, you may have your consignment billed to your own account number.

NOTE: Customers based in countries within the EU must provide a valid VAT number for tax exemptions.


Both Penske Racing Shocks UK and SPA Technique make no warranties, express or limited, oral or written, to the purchaser. Penske Racing Shocks UK and SPA Technique specifically make no warranty of merchantability, express or implied, nor any warranty of fitness for any particular purpose with respect to racing shock absorbers and related parts manufactured, fabricated and/or sold by Penske Racing Shocks and/or SPA Technique.

If you have any further questions, please call us on +44 (0)1543 434580, email us at or complete the form below: