8900E Emulsion

The 8900E "Emulsion" series is an entry-level single adjustable shock which offers superior quality at an affordable cost. This shock stiffens both compression and rebound simultaneously, making it ideal for those looking to add a passenger or luggage to their bike.  A simple preload adjustment allows the shock to support the added weight, making it a perfect upgrade for OEM street applications.

An emulsion shock is a gas-charged shock that does not have a separator piston between the gas and oil, allowing them to mix together. An emulsion shock must be fitted so that the nitrogen cavity is at the top of the shock.

Single Adjustable that can tune rebound or compression, even combination of both via through jet. 

  • Simple Spring Preload Adjustment
  • Lightweight Without Reservoir
  • Repeatable and Dependable Performance with CNC Machined Parts
  • Easily Upgradeable – Add a Canister and Convert to Double or Triple Adjustable

The 8900E utilizes the same piston and shims found in other Penske Racing Shocks, allowing it to very easily be converted to a canister shock when you're looking for more adjustability range.