Dyno Testing

Utilising our SPA Technique Dynamometers connection allows us not only test Penske shock, we can test all makes of dampers and a selection of MacPherson strut assemblies, with our wide range of brackets and dyno fitting.

Examples suspension that can be tested;

  • OEM (manufacture fitted)
  • Ohlins
  • KW
  • Koni
  • Billstine
  • AST- Moton
  • Spax
  • GAZ Shocks
  • leda

In addition, many others…

While we are not able to service or repair the above dampers, we can run several tests on the Dyno to evaluate the performance and characteristics of the shock through a wide race of forces and velocities.

Dyno testing will provide the ability to check for and understand;

  • Adjuster performance/ operation
  • Adjustment range
  • Damper matching
  • Leaks and damage
  • Performance drop or change across the working heat range
  • Printed data graphs

Once the dyno testing is complete, a full range print out graphs, including force velocity, force displacement, sign wave force/velocity against time and forces velocity cross for hysteresis amongst others. This allows for detailed analysation of dampers characteristics and adjustment range. The graphs will also show up faults (if any are present), and you will receive de-beef on the condition and performance of the shock along with any recommendations for servicing that may be required.

£30 per damper excl. VAT and additional cost for bespoke brake fitting if necessary.

Contact Penske Shocks UK today for shock dyno testing directly on +44 (0) 1543 434 580 and ask for Penske Shocks. Or email us here.

Read more about SPA Dynamometers here.

Penske Racing Shocks UK use SPA Dynamometers because of their versatility, low speed metering and sample rates. Penske Shocks primarily uses the Force Average display, but SPA offers Decelerating CD/Accelerating RD and Accelerating CD/Decelerating RD viewing options for all its graph displays.