8900 Series Motorcycle Rear Damper

Enhance your suspension performance with a hand built Penske shock for your and bike. Most manufacturers have to save money where they can when producing a motorcycle. Most of the time the suspension typically falls short because of this. Utile the 8900 series of damper with their wide range of customizable build specs. 

Penske 8900 Series Damper

The 8983 variation is Double Adjustable compression and rebound adjustable. Utilizing canister reservoir and knob style compression adjuster allows for 20 different positions of adjustment and the range is generally 150 – 175 lbs. The rebound adjustment is located at the shaft using a sweep or knob adjuster eyelet. 

The 8987 variation is the Triple Adjustable variant uses two adjusters for high and low speed compression on the external reservoir while retaining rebound adjustment on the shaft eyelet. This combination allows for extreme fine tuning of the suspension and drive characteristics   

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  • Remote reservoir
  • Double Adjustable-25 clicks of low speed compression adjustmentm30 clicks of rebound
  • Triple Adjustable- 25 clicks low speed & 17 clicks high speed Compression.  30 clicks of rebound adjustment
  • Spring preload adjustment
  • Ride height adjustment