Special Penske Racing Shock Products

Special Order

A bespoke one offset custom build to your vehicle is sometimes the only way to go, we have the facilities to crate steel or aluminium bodies amongst other components. Other more unusual Penske dampers can special order in. 



The damper isn't the only part of your suspension you'll need parts to tune performance and repair your damper. We also have the facility build and machine custom parts at your request. For enquires don't hesitate to contact our team.


Performance Parts

  • Bump Rubbers - £18.92 each (excl. VAT and shipping)
  • Micro-cell foam construction
  • Ribbed wall thickness for progressive rate
  • Length can be cut-to-length for specific needs
  • Four densities available and distinguishable by colour
Penske Bump Rubber
BR-28 - RED 28gram
BR-32 - YELLOW 32gram
BR-38 - BLACK 38gram
BR-47 - BLUE 47gram

Penske Bumper Rubber Compression Graph



Pistons are a central part of performance for dampers we sell diverse selection providing versatility to get the graph any engineer desires.        


Penske Pistons
Pistons Prices From (excl. VAT and shipping)

    • £60.20 - Liner 
    • £60.20 - High Flow Liner 
    • £120.40 - Digressive / Liner
    • £120.40 - Digressive / Digressive
    • £120.40 - Velocity Dependent / Liner  
    • £120.40 - Velocity Dependent / Velocity Dependent
    • £137.60 - Variable Bleed

Penske Piston Graph
Components fatigue and ware especially in high stress motorsport applications. To ensure your suspension keep its highest level of performance, fresh oil, seals and shim all part of our services is required.