Car Racing Shock Ranges

  • 7120 Series Formula Vee

    For Single seater and very lightweight vehicles, come in light compact form 1-Way Adjustable or open bleed bypass. 
Penske 7120 Series Formula Vee

  • 7500 Series

    Suitable for Circuit and Rally is a 1 or 2 -Way Adjustable damper with built in gas chamber removing the need for a canister allowing for a tight fit.
    Popular Use: Autograss, Ford GT, National Hot Rods, McLaren GT4 
    Penske 7500 Series Damper
  • 8300 & 8700 Series

    For Circuit and Rally available 2-Way Adjustable as 8300 and 3-Way Adjustable as 8700. External gas reservoir available in Piggyback or Remote canister.
    Popular Use: MCR2000, Caterham, Autograss, Saloon Racing. 
    Penske 8300 Series Damper
  • 8760 Series

    Extremely versatile Circuit focused 3-Way Adjustable damper high performance
    Popular Use: British Touring Cars, American Le Mans Series and  even British Truck Racing 
    Penske 8760 Series Damper

  • 8781 Series

    High performing Circuit oriented damper. Available 4-way Adjustable
    Popular use: GT3 Bentley

  • Macpherson Racing Strut

    Each strut build will be unique to the specific car weather it be Rally or Circuit.  Available Forms: Fixed 1, 2, 3 or 4-Way Adjustable 
    Penske MacPherson Strut


Using technology first developed for Indy Car racing, Penske Racing Shocks engineers have designed shock absorbers for all forms of car racing. Every racing damper is built for quality, simplicity, repeatability, and high performance. All of our car shocks are assembled to your specifications.

Penske Racing Shocks were successfully developed and first tested in 1985. Since then, cars equipped with our racing dampers have continued to win many races and championships, nationally and internationally. Penske Racing Shocks have been successful in Formula One, NASCAR, CART, IRL, Formula Atlantics, SCCA Trans Am, GARRS, ALMS, NHRA, IHRA, and AMA, not to mention BTCC, LMES, British GT, FIA GT, British F3, British F-ford, British Rally, and Super Touring to name a few in the UK and Europe.

Additionally, the SCSA Championship, here in the UK, has chosen Penske Racing Shocks as their car damper of choice to be used by all competitors in the series. A decision based on Penske's proven dependability and repeatability.

Penske Car Dampers are completely owner rebuildable and serviceable. They can easily be re-valved in a matter of minutes. Should any part of a Penske racing shock become damaged, that part can be replaced by the owner rather than requiring complete replacement of the shock.

If you would like to receive more information about Penske Car Dampers or take a further look into the different car shocks we have to offer contact us directly here for more information on how to improve your racing car with Penske.