8781 Series

The 8781 series adjustable thru rod coil over damper provides a wide range of separate compression and rebound adjustments with the use of the piggyback external reservoir. The wide adjustment range makes this shock easily adaptable to varying track conditions. Instead of one main piston that has shims on both sides to control damping, the 8781 utilizes our cartridge style piston. Separate piston for both compression and rebound, allows the user to run a combination of linear, high flow, digressive, or even regressive in one or both directions. The piggyback reservoir is designed for heat expansion of the fluid so gas pressure does not affect initial displacement.

The 8781-4way GT3 damper made its debut in 2018. It is the homologated damper for the M-Sport designed Bentley GT3. With outstanding results and durability, the

Penske Racing Shocks are custom built to your exact specifications. We understand that no two cars are the same and an off the shelf shock wouldn't work for all chassis. Our technicians consider several variables to ensure you receive a truly custom shock that will perform for your needs.

  • Repeatable Performance – Piston and Shim Cartridge design
  • Durable Aluminium Components are Lightweight
  • Easily Adjustable – Numbered dials specify exact settings
  • Re-valvable – A Variety of Pistons and Shim Stacks Provide Unlimited Customization