7500 Series

The 7500 series provides the versatility of multiple adjustment options without the use of an external reservoir. Reducing size allowing for small packaging.  It is also available with a smooth or coil-over body. Extensive range of pistons and shim for custom valving for your application. Since oil and nitrogen are separated, the damper can be mounted body up or body down, allowing it to fit any chassis

Non Adjustable proves a simple compact damper featuring an internal gas chamber. 

Single Adjustable that can tune rebound or compression, even combination of both via through jet.

Double Adjustable version has a separate compression and rebound adjustment that allows you to tune each individually, without the use of an external reservoir.

Penske Racing Shocks are custom built to your exact specifications. We understand that no two cars are the same and an off the shelf shock wouldn't work for all chassis. Our technicians consider all variables before building or valving your shocks

  • Hard Chromed Steel Shaft Provides Strength and Low Friction
  • Durable Aluminium Components are Lightweight
  • Single Adjustable- 24 clicks of rebound with the sweep eyelet or 80 with KB platform adjuster.
  • Double Adjustable –Compression 40 clicks of adjustment.  24 Clicks of rebound with the sweep eyelet or 80 with a knob adjuster for extra £76.08 Allow fine tuning for varying track conditions.
  • Re-valvable – A Variety of Pistons and Shim Stacks Provide Unlimited Customization
  • Easily upgradeable piston and shaft options available

How do the Adjusters Work: The 75CODA has two external adjusters. The compression adjuster is located on the body cap. Allowing for 40 different positions of adjustment, the range is dependent on the compression stack used. A typical Penske "B" stack has approximately 150 lbs. of adjustment range. Using a 5/32 allen key, turning clockwise will stiffen compression, while counter-clockwise will soften compression. The standard "sweep style" rebound adjuster, located on the eyelet, has 20 sweeps of adjustment. Using a pin tool, rotating the adjuster screw clockwise makes the rebound stiffer (slower), while rotating the counter-clockwise makes the rebound softer (slower).

Penske 7500 Series Damper