Penske Racing Shocks Toyota Supra Mk4 8700 Series Kit
Penske Racing Shocks Toyota Supra Mk4 8700 Series Kit
Penske Racing Shocks UK

Toyota Supra Mk4 8700 Series Kit

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Penske Racing Shock UK bring technology used in BTCC, GT and F1 to win races to your Toyota Supra.

The 8700 series triple adjustable package features a single shaft rebound adjuster and independent high and low-speed compression adjustment on the remote reservoir - enabling the chassis to be tuned with perfect handling. The remote reservoir enable more suspension travel without making the damper longer. Installs in the stock location with a 12mm upper shaft mount and a lightweight aluminium lower body cap. Springs sold sparely.

  • Adjustable Ride Height
  • Tipple Adjustable damping , for fine tuning for varying track conditions
  • Durable Aluminium Components are Lightweight
  • Hand built and bespoke valved for you
  • Serviceable and re-valveable
  • Remote reservoir

Eric Kozeluh of Twins Turbo INC. - “We have been working with Penske racing shocks since 2000, evolving shocks for the MK4 Toyota Supra as well as others. We started out drag racing, and then went road racing with them. Our cars keep getting down and around the race track quicker and quicker. Without a doubt the finest shocks and technical partners you can work with period.”

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